Are you looking to become a “Vet Strong” corporation? We are your source for Salesforce certified veterans. Contact us about recruitment opportunities or build your brand as a supporter of veterans in Salesforce technology through sponsorship and volunteer opportunities.

Business Partnerships

The Merivis Foundation is looking for business partnerships to support our training programs. Serving as a cohort sponsor allows us to hold more classes and create more Salesforce certified veterans into the job market. For more information about the benefits of partnering with Merivis, contact us at

Here are other ways The Merivis Foundation can use business support:

  • Venue support – we are always looking for classroom space for our cohort training.
  • In kind support – support of our operations allow us to add more resources towards classes
  • Volunteer opportunities for your employees (mentoring, mock interviews, linkedin/resume review)


As a business partner you will have access to our veteran graduates just completing their Salesforce training. The jobs our veterans will be most qualified to be hired for is that of a junior Salesforce administrator with possible roles for Salesforce developer. There are many benefits to hiring military veterans including loyalty to “The Team”, reliable work ethic, motivated productivity & comprehensive communication skills and leadership is ingrained in vets just to name a few!

Thank you to our UST Global for sponsoring our first class of veterans!

Salesforce Texas Veterans



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