Are you a Military Veteran looking to transition into a growing civilian career? Learn how you can be a part of a Merivis Foundation cohort and join the growing Salesforce ecosystem though Salesforce Certification.


We are always looking to partner with other Veteran Service Organizations or Non-Profits that serve our military as well as individual volunteers that are passionate about our cause. Learn how you can get involved in the Merivis Foundation.


Are you looking to become a “Vet Strong” corporation? We are your source for Salesforce Certified Veterans, contact us about recruitment opportunities or build your brand as a supporter of Veterans in technology through sponsorships and volunteer opportunities.

About Us

Merivis Foundation supports veterans preparing for their next mission through training, mentorship and job placement for Salesforce cloud technology careers. With a growing need for Salesforce certified professionals and the highest density of veterans in the country, Texas is rich with opportunity to help veterans transition to civilian life and find great careers. Learn more about upcoming certification events.

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Three reasons why you should hire veterans:

Project management expertise


Seasoned Leadership.


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